What is neuro work?

NeuroLymphatic and NeuroKinetic Work

Using exercises, drills and manual work to re-boot the nervous system helps reduce swelling, pain and restores proper muscle function.   Many times a person is told they have "Weak Glutes".  I often find that they actually have strong muscles, but weak signals from the brain to the muscles.  This causes compensation patterns.   Using Muscle Testing and Chapman's Reflex Techniques, I help to restore proper function. 

All clients are given homework to maintain their improvements.  Homework is designed specifically for your body, not a general handout given to everybody.  I will often videotape you or myself doing the exercises or I have a library of YouTube videos.  Communication is key, each client will be updated via email or text after a neuro-session to ensure that they are confident in the homework, and to assist if they have any questions.  It is important that the client understands that if they do not do their homework, they will not be able to maintain their gains. 


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