Rene' Brackney

NSCA CPT, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, FST Level 3 Fascia Specialist, Corrective Exercise, NeuroLymphatic and Kinetic Therapist

My name is Rene' Brackney. I am a Certified Pilates Teacher, a Corrective Exercise Teacher and a Fascial Stretch Therapy Specialist. I believe that every body, regardless of age, should function free of pain.

I apply the fundamentals of Pilates, and the science of Corrective Exercise and Fascial Stretch Therapy in all of my sessions and classes and find that people who previously hated to exercise, begin to love it anddo the techniques I teach them daily.

When the body is aligned, and moving correctly, you live a better life!

I teach continuing education to fitness professionals, as well as workshops for students, clients and people looking to take control of their own movement health.   My workshops range from Pilates, Fascia Release, Lymph Release and Self Treatment Techniques.  I am fortunate to teach what I love all over the world.   Please see my Corrective Exercise Workshops page on Facebook or stay tuned for announcements for the next scheduled workshops next year.   

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